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Giambattista Valli Couture.

Lace and transparencies. Cute collection but enjoyed most the balck/white pieces

Chanel Couture.

Not the most innovated thing but the work in some pieces was so nice, and I want those stockings!

Christian Dior Couture.
Bring me back John Galliano! The collection was plain but nice, definitely missing that "wow" effect

Elie Saab Couture.

Nice but nothing new.

Valentino Couture.

Not the best collection at Valentino but some dresses were nice.

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture.

What happened to couture collections? It was/is one of my favorite seasons to look but it seems it had lost some of its charm. I really hope fall gets better.

Date: 2012-01-30 05:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nunuuu.livejournal.com
Mimi! Was gonna do a similar post but here you are! Hahaha! Yay :D

I think Dior is still feeling their way around without Galliano. I liked the "unfinished" effect but I agree, the wow factor is absent. Loving the hair though.

I'm not much of a Chanel girl but the collection was okay. I was attracted to the same pieces you posted!

Elie Saab and Giambattista Valli were beautiful but normally so. Truly nothing new. Getting sick of Elie Saab, actually, I feel like he serves up the same thing every season, he just changes up his color palette. My favorite show's probably Givenchy, but even their collection was kind of...expected. The pieces had gorgeous details and trails of Tisci genius here and there, but nothing mind-blowing. The last Givenchy couture season that truly stunned me was the Frida Kahlo-inspired one, with the dresses with bone zipper pulls and such.

I think this couture season is a little meh for all the fashion houses, and I agree, I can't wait for fall!

Date: 2012-01-30 05:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mimi-kamenashi.livejournal.com
Nina! hehe hope you still do your post, would like to check it too!
I'm missing Givenchy in this post, I should edit it later.
I really loved the dramatic, astonishing effect that couture collections used to have but for some reason this seasons seems very uninspired? Like nothing innovator that is mind blowing, maybe too safe even for being couture collections in some cases like JPG some pieces were even more for a ready-to-wear runway than for a couture collection.
I cant agree more with Eliee Saab, same shapes only different color pallet every season.
Now let's see what couture brings fro fall!


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