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Lol ok, I'm just too excited for this because I'll bet with [livejournal.com profile] therecklessgirl again, and last time this whole bet thing made the SP 1000 funnier.

Now now, let's start with this!

First thought: "How on earth am I supposed to choose!? *looks at #4* wth were you thinking!? rofl"

After it, I calmed down while it was time for Eme to freak out xD and started to make picks!

My initial thought was to pick #3 but as soon as I paid more attention, the thought was dismissed, why? because shoes are plain, blazer + the pink jacket for spring? plus the contrast of the shirt with the tie? nops, not happening.

So at the end here are my picks and a slight comment to each one of them

Dear #1, how I even start to describe you? xD Well I think this one belongs to Ohno. Is too safe and I think after last time 4th place he would like to go for something like this, I think the jacket (186900円) is not the nicest thing ever, but surprisingly I have seen many people liked the ensemble. But here's the trick, the shoes at first made me doubt between Nino and Aiba since usually and especially Nino would be seen wearing something like it imo, but I decided to stay to my original pick and for me this one belongs to Ohno.

All my love for #2 and although, at first wasn't sure who would be this one I decided that it would be Jun fitting, someone on twitter mentioned Jun wore a similar cardi (Yohji Yamamoto 65,100円) on a past M5 must item on a different color, but what made it a keeper for me, were the bracelets, I want them! and also the glasses, In gral I think the color coordination is nice and season appropriate.

#3, well I already mentioned this was my first pick but after a look to the close up shots, i changed my mind, in gral the outfit is not appealing at all, and guys you should know, pink never pays in m5 sp's! I think this would be another case of safe but this time by Mr. Sakurai.

Moving on we found, this...contestant #4. Oh Nino, Nino you really want to master the art of trolling huh? Maybe he decided to channel his VS style? I don't know but I'm sure this one is Nino, and that he choose this just for fun.

Last but not least #5 or what I think Aibaby! For me the shoes and the gral coordination is very Aiba, many people say colors don't match, but in fact they do, I don't think is a bad outfit tbh, and it could be that he decided to step up his game.

BUT ta-dah! the drama! looks like we have a cheater!!

Someone found this picture of a mannequin at Tommy Hilfiger. At first sight seems the entire ensemble was taken directly from it ala MatsuJun in the past SP, there's objects that match, the blazer, the vest, pants and possibly the shirt. Shoes, and tie are different, now, the question is what copied what? Did #5 a.k.a Aiba decided to cross to the dark side or the store decided to market with the bought items by said mannequin making their own version of the coordinate? I guess we'll see :p

I have completely forgotten this time guys voted too and only remembered after I made my pick, and even panicked a little because I soo wanna win this bet, but I dunno, I'm gonna stay with my first choices, so it would end up like this:


1.- Oh-chan
2.- Jun
3.- Sho
4.- Nino
5.- Aiba


Man! this one was hard but I also going to stick to my first thought

Winner #2 followed by 5, then 1, next one 3 and ranking last would be #4.

Now April, come faster! And quoting THG because I can (lol) "May the odds be in your favor"

Now, this morning was sooo nice to see the pictures of Tokyo Tower lit with Arashi colors, it made me so happy, and is another prove that the guys are achieving their dreams <3


P.S LJ when you added new thingies! I discovered a bunch of them making this post @_@.

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