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I've been trying to update since Saturday.

Well, I have been watching movies on my nights of insomnia so wanted to comment about it.

First movie and I really, really loved is "My Rainy Days" (天使の恋)  is a 2009 movie, starring Sasaki Nozomi (Nino's rumored girlfriend) as Rio Ozawa and Shosuke Tanihara as Kouki Ozawa. (Trailer here)

The story is about 17 year old Rio a super popular high school girl with a double life. One day by chance he met Kouki a 35 year old man, and she gets captivated since the first encounter, that ends up on the waiting room of a hospital. 

Kouki is a university professor and Rio finds out that, so she goes asking him to tutor her, and also made him promise her that if she gets a high grade on her next exam, he will take her out on a date. That's how they start to bond, and Rio's feelings start to grow bigger making her, quit her life as an escort (business that her and her friends run) and also decides to finish her secret affair with her classmate Naoko.

I will not get spoilery from here, but the story becomes really emotional as it goes by. I was pleasant surprised with Nozomi's acting, and she's all cute in there. The male lead is really good too, I liked their interactions. My favorite scene has to be the one of them at the train station almost at the end of the movie.

I loved this movie so much that end up making gifs, you can see that on my icon and on my tumblr here and here.

Like I said Nozomi is really cute, now definitely shipping her with Nino <3. Here have a small Nozomi gif spam.

If you want to watch it you can find it here or here with eng subs. 

Next movie on my list, The Hunger Games, this movie was released last week starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Based on the book of the same name. (Trailer here)

Is about a dystopian world, divided in 12 districts. Each year a boy and a girl are selected to what's called "The Hunger Games" where they are supposed to fight til death. The one that keeps alive at the end, is crowned as a victor and receives lots of benefits. This year's the girl from district 12 is getting all the attention for being a top rival and because some of the decision she made during the games affect directly to the government, s that's where the story develops.

The games itself are very look-a-like "Battle Royale". If you have watched the movie or read the book, you'll know what I meant. 

I have to say that although the movie isn't bad, is not exactly the best movie adaptation either. the first hour goes slow and the second part (the more exciting in my opinion) too fast, plus they let out a bunch of things that are important for the development of the future films.

Now announcement time!

Well I'm not the best one doing review, but I felt like posting so here it is. Also I have a little announcement to make, I have plans to use more this journal, not only in a more personal way but also for other things, and I would like to have some sort of clean start, so I'm making few changes here and there in addition to my first friends-cut.

The reasons why you could get cut are the following:

We have barely/never interacted with each other: I like to talk with the people in my f-list and make friends with them.

If you haven't update your journal in a while/haven't updated it at all.

If you get cut, please know there are no hard feelings. You're free to cut me off of your f-list too. Most of my fandom/fashion/misc post will remain open (except personal post obviously)

If you think I cut you off by mistake, please let me know. 

Date: 2012-03-27 05:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nunuuu.livejournal.com
MIMIIIIIIII! TENSHI NO KOI! I ADORED THAT MOVIE. Tanihara Shosuke was super gorgeous and perfect in that role (all biases inside, because I kind of have a major thing for Tanihara and his face and his voice, ugh), and I agree, Nozomi is really cute! I found her refreshing and charming in the film. Nino is so totally lucky to have her, if the rumors are true. She is so puuuhrteeeeh! (Nino must be even more charming and awesome in real life, he always manages to reel in all the stunning, long-legged girls. Masami was pretty breathtaking too, I didn't and still don't get all the hate on her. I thought they were great together! All my Yasasahii Jikan feels, please have themmmmmmmmm)

I also adore that scene you gif'ed, the rainy one by the railroad tracks. Oh my heart!

Happy not to have been cut! <3 /hugs

Date: 2012-03-28 02:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mimi-kamenashi.livejournal.com
Nina! Glad to know you love Tenshi no koi too! And OMG! I wasn't familiar with Tanihara Shosuke was so perfect and hansome and ugh! all my love for him in this movie. I was pleasantly surprised with Nozomi's acting, she merges perfectly the both sides of her character and now I find her extremely adorable.
Nino has such an amazing taste in ladies huh? I don't get either the hate for Masami or for Nozomi. Both of them are so pretty and think a good match for him.

That rainy scene is so perfect! I just couldn't help myself and had to gif it.

Of course I wouldn't cut you off!! I really have a great time when we get to comment things around and is always a pleasure to have your post on my f-list. <3 /hugs back


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