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So finally we had the return of VS and Hna! 

I was so excited to be able to watch the HnA on kh (too bad kh hates me and never behaves properly) so I missed the opening but thanks to the caps in tumblr xD I could see it and I loved it!! Is so cute.

Now, I had a bet where the prizes were really good, and I meant REALLY GOOD! but omg! I have no luck for this things of all my guessing none was right and started to freak out because I thought my friend [livejournal.com profile] therecklessgirl was going to win, that until Aiba came to save the day that is! 

So then came the horror when I saw Jun was wearing my least favorite outfit! I mean why Jun? why? and I knew he was going to lose again (and I wasn't wrong xD)

So the outfits came out like this

So by then and after not guessing who was what mannequin I still had a chance to win something, if I managed to guess who the winner was. My bet was Aiba's outfit 'cuz I mean the outfit is cute, very preppy looking and I really liked it (of course I thought this outfit was Jun's, never ever though it could be Aiba's tbh)

So I was hoping he won, tho I feared Mr. Nino's outfit could beat me (this was my friend's bet) but oh surprise when Sho was announced the winner!!! Seriously was totally unexpected! So there it over my hope to win xD

You see their face's, well mine was more or less the same xDD 

At the end either my friend or me won anything but was fun, and I'm looking forward to repeat this bet thing. Tho waiting for the results was deadly! hahahahah

Then after announcing that my guess was third place (really? I mean really? I was hoping at least second place!) Nino's 2nd, and Ohno's 4th, it was time for Jun's penalty 

Halloween themed photoshoot! 

He looks adorbs! 

And after this my god! I watched the vs and was the most adorable thing ever!!! Arashi + kids is an epic combo.

Momoka-chan and Aiba Masaki nii-nii were super cute, seriously ovaries explosion xDD

I really enjoyed both shows, now I'm looking forward to start working on mannequin sp subs (yes [livejournal.com profile] neon_lines will be working on it :D)

Ah and before I forgot the "Arashi works" cut from SC, oh my god! I loved it!! really!! and I cant wait till J-storm give them a release date for the DVD!! 

My favorite part is 5x10 really I always gonna love that song, and while watching the vid couldn't avoid to notice that Sho and Jun (sakumoto!) look soo shining white next to Riida! I think was a bit funny 

Please notice the look on Jun's face in first pic, obvs he cant avoid but turn to look at his hubby! *shot* 

and last but not least I made my lappy look all halloween like xDD and i have a super cute wallie! (seriously have lots of free time LOL)

So end of my rambling post.
*Pics and gif not mine all toked from tumblr (except for the last screen shot obvs)
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