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When I checked Jstorm, I thought the images weren't loading correctly *face palm self* I kinda like the LE version one the most..
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We have a release date and not only that but also announcement of the new single!
I'll focus more on the DVD in this post, so feel free to skip it

Tracklist and details of DVD )

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Lol ok, I'm just too excited for this because I'll bet with [livejournal.com profile] therecklessgirl again, and last time this whole bet thing made the SP 1000 funnier.

M5 SP Babbling! )

Tokyo Tower <3 )

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I noticed I have a tendency to use the word random in most of my post, think 'cuz most of the times are things that came out in the moment. I rarely gave a good thought to whatever I'm gonna write here, since well that often turns out into stress for thinking my post are blah, so random stuff is at least more entertained (at least for me).

It finish the way it started )

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So finally we had the return of VS and Hna! 

~If fangirling was a job I'd be rich~ )
*Pics and gif not mine all toked from tumblr (except for the last screen shot obvs)
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Introducing Nino Bross!!

Rambling this way! )
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After so many days I'm here again hihihi, I've been very busy with some projects that my lovely sis and I have, plus I'm lacking of imagination to post things xD.

Anyway today checking some websites I found this picture, apparently is the cover of Arashi's DVD!!! Kyaa!! I really like it. The design is really cool  \(^o^)/

I really wanna get these DVD but don't think I can buy it, also want KT's one but I'm poor u_u.

Speaking of DVD's, OMG! NEWS Livex3 is awesome!! I loved it so much!

Sorry for my not so interesting post but at the moment I'm too tired to be creative xD. I'm planning to update more often in the next days 'cuz I'll be free (yay) so see you later!!

Bai bai~

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 Let's start my randomness lol.

I was scrobbling down tumblr when i read this:

Inmediatley I went in kyaaa mood 'till I realized how poor I'm gonna be, but who cares as long as I can watch those 5 beautiful boys on a new DVD.

I found a little more info about it, but as you see is in japanese, but we can already check the tracklist.

So this is Johnny-san New years present for arashi fangirls.

Pre-Order is already open @ CDJapan  http://bit.ly/gdmIuf
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I really love MatsuJun's new hairstyle, he looks very good with it. 
What you think? 


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