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I noticed I have a tendency to use the word random in most of my post, think 'cuz most of the times are things that came out in the moment. I rarely gave a good thought to whatever I'm gonna write here, since well that often turns out into stress for thinking my post are blah, so random stuff is at least more entertained (at least for me).

Anyway, lately I developed some kind of affection/need for tights and knee socks. I dunno think part of the influence of therecklessgirl that is so good selling me the idea when she shows me outfits.

So I was lurking around and found this:

and this: 

because of reasons, so now I need to hunt down a similar pair or something as cute as that.

Now moving on to fangirling business. Sometimes it surprise me the things I do for arashi. Waking up at 4 am, after going to sleep at 2 am is not the best thing, but I needed to watch them on Kohaku live, because of reason. I found a very nice stream and I had lots of fun while watching the show and loving every single thing they did (and what they wore, hellotherepastelpants).
Disney + Arashi + little kids was super cute and adorable! tho we couldn't stop looking other things xD

Furusato performance was so perfect and amazing I can't even begin to explain, the song itself and the meaning behind it is very touching but seeing arashi performing it with so much passion was just mind blowing, plus let's be honest Sho + Piano = OTP. He did an amazing job.

Medley was another epic thing, they started with Meikyuu and next thing was Hatenai Sora but what we didn't know and think everyone that watched was "That was so freaking cool" was the break between the songs, with the effect on the screen. Really, really loved it.

After this started the "Hunt for JCD" stream, really at this things I'm lucky is so early here since many girls missed that while going to celebrate New Year's eve.

After looking for an hour, I finally catched the countdown since the beginning, and I died of happiness when I saw News! Really, don't lie I even got goosebumps, I didn't realized I missed them that much. First thing I saw was Shige's pretty face, as soon as I listen the Kibou yell, music.

And that awesomeness was followed by Arashi singing "Happiness"!! I didn't expect them to appear on countdown at least not that soon, like last year. but was awesome. Tokyo Tower as background and rainbow colored platform as stage like last year. was <33

Countdown was great, way better than last year's one. I can't wait to watch the whole thing again. Basically I'm finish my year the same way it started filled with arashi and awesomeness and #Iregretnothing! 

BUT! That wasn't all, the cherry in the pie was this! 

OTP being awesome!!

I should stop here before this get's even longer! Just wanna say:

Thank you Arashi for fill my year with rainbows!!

*Screen shots and gifs not mine


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