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reachable by a message if necessary.
Under some sort of hiatus.

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I'm loving and still flailing over the awesomeness of Jun's new do (very relieved that is not super light brown). He looks gorgeous, sexy, unf! Flawless! (yes, I may be or may be not a little biased :p).

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When I checked Jstorm, I thought the images weren't loading correctly *face palm self* I kinda like the LE version one the most..
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We have a release date and not only that but also announcement of the new single!
I'll focus more on the DVD in this post, so feel free to skip it

Tracklist and details of DVD )

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I've been trying to update since Saturday.

Well, I have been watching movies on my nights of insomnia so wanted to comment about it.

[My Rainy Days] “How do you do that? Live with such passion?”  )

[THG] "May the odds... be ever in your favor" )

Now announcement time!

Well I'm not the best one doing review, but I felt like posting so here it is. Also I have a little announcement to make, I have plans to use more this journal, not only in a more personal way but also for other things, and I would like to have some sort of clean start, so I'm making few changes here and there in addition to my first friends-cut.

The reasons why you could get cut are the following:

We have barely/never interacted with each other: I like to talk with the people in my f-list and make friends with them.

If you haven't update your journal in a while/haven't updated it at all.

If you get cut, please know there are no hard feelings. You're free to cut me off of your f-list too. Most of my fandom/fashion/misc post will remain open (except personal post obviously)

If you think I cut you off by mistake, please let me know. 

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Lol ok, I'm just too excited for this because I'll bet with [livejournal.com profile] therecklessgirl again, and last time this whole bet thing made the SP 1000 funnier.

M5 SP Babbling! )

Tokyo Tower <3 )

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Just saw Lauren Conrad's lookbook fro her kohl's line and I saw so many pretty things <3. I always liked her style so no shocker I like her clothing line.

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I want a bunny, I asked for one during the weekend, probably I won't get it because I already have a dog, but still who wouldn't want a cute thing like this one?

Pretty much a useless, senseless post (but when I have made sense?!) so feel free to skip!

Cuteness overload )

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Dragon year...Rawr!!! )
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★ Scrapbook '11 ★

Diamonds and sapphires and you, oh my! )

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I noticed I have a tendency to use the word random in most of my post, think 'cuz most of the times are things that came out in the moment. I rarely gave a good thought to whatever I'm gonna write here, since well that often turns out into stress for thinking my post are blah, so random stuff is at least more entertained (at least for me).

It finish the way it started )

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Eye-candy )
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So finally we had the return of VS and Hna! 

~If fangirling was a job I'd be rich~ )
*Pics and gif not mine all toked from tumblr (except for the last screen shot obvs)
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Introducing Nino Bross!!

Rambling this way! )
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Happy bday JunJun 

Stay Fabulous <3

Kinda blah and whatnot but I wanted to post something for his bday ^^


Mar. 6th, 2011 10:22 pm
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